Adhesive Foam and Foil Tapes

Single & Double sided adhesive foam tapes are commonly used all over the building and construction industry for a huge number of technical and fascinating applications. The typical uses of Double sided foam tape ranges from sealing the double glazing units to creating cushion effects in all types of safety helmets. Foam tapes are generally manufactured Polyethylene, Polyvinyl Chloride, Polyurethane, neoprene or EPDM.
These adhesive tapes are available in wide variety of foam combinations and in different length and thicknesses which ultimately satisfies a massive amount of end user applications. Some of these foams have flame or fire retardant characteristics which are nowadays a necessary requirement for automotive, electrical and aviation industries. Double sided foam tapes are commonly available in rolls, sheets, strips and gasket form. These tapes perform a very important role in overall performance of the final product. Adhesive used for the adhesion of double sided tapes are acrylic, solvent acrylic and synthetic rubber adhesives.

double sided adhesive foam tapes

Double side tapes are manufactured through using low, medium or high density foam. Precise rating of foam density tells us the level of foam compression as compared with the application it will be used for. Some of the single side tapes are already compressed in their supply roll and we unwind this tape, it expands to its actual width. These tapes are widely used for the sealing of smooth and non regular joints. Main function of single sided foam tapes is to produce a seal which stops dust, moisture and air contamination.

Double sided foam tapes come with superior specifications as compared with single sided foams this is because application performance criteria changes from tape to tape. When good foam density is paired with high quality adhesives then it ensures the user of exceptional tack, and extraordinary peel and holding power. Double sided tapes are mostly applied in industrial mounting and anti vibration applications. Sometimes a special range of double sided foam tapes are utilized in heavy mechanical industry as an express replacement for mechanical fixings. These tapes are known as very high bond (VHB) or foamed acrylic tapes.

Double-sided tapes are very pressure sensitive since they are coated with strong adhesive on each ends. The main functionality of these tapes is to stick two surfaces firmly together so that it never comes to be seen in the end product, since it lies sweetly under two objects rather than being pasted over them. This function allows us to complete neat looking projects with a display of excellent craftsmanship. Double side adhesive tapes can be thin and they also can be in dimensional form. Keep in mind that dimensional tapes are thicker and are usually used to give signage and displays its content stands out with a three dimensional effect.